- Medicaid eligibility and enrollment services, including SSD/SSI
- Charity care application and processing programs
- Point-of-service collection programs
- Out-of-state Medicaid billing management

Medicaid Eligibility Qualification & Documentation
Medicaid Eligibility is a difficult and often dehumanizing process for the uninsured patient. State budgetary problems have forced states to reduce Medicaid programs. The result is millions in lost revenue to providers as well as many uninsured not getting the continuing medical attention they so desperately require.

Charity Eligibility Qualification & Documentation

Charity care qualification and documentation is critical to the success of any health system. RevCares charity qualification & documentation efforts ensures:

  • IRS 990 Compliance
  • Community Benefit
  • Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH)

Presumptive Charity Screening

RevCare has developed a proprietary process to identify, qualify, and document charity cases that would be otherwise written-off to bad debt. Each presumptive charity project is customized to the hospital or health systems financial polices to ensure strict compliance.

Medicare Secondary Eligibility Processing

Designed for patients with traditional Medicare as their primary coverage, but lacking a commercial or governmental secondary payer. With inpatient deductibles over $100 and outpatient at 20%, many Medicare patients find it difficult to meet their obligations. Since many of these patients are on limited incomes, it can take years for the hospital to be reimbursed even a fraction of the charges. We suggest these valuable patients be referred to us so that we can assist them with Medicaid eligibility.

ER Screening & Eligibility Processing

RevCare is able to assist in the screening of ER accounts and assist these patients in applying for Medicaid to assist with any potential eligibility.

ER Point-of-Service Collection

RevCare can staff your ER to collect co-pays and deductibles.

Nursing Home or SNF Placement Assistance

RevCare can assist your facility in obtaining a pending number, which is often necessary to transfer a patient to rehab or skilled nursing. Since these accounts normally require very prompt handling and quick turnaround, we offer a special department of representatives that specialize in this area. You can be assured that your pending numbers will be processed expeditiously.

Baby Accounts Born to Active Assistance Mothers

Since all babies are not added to their mother’s case timely or accurately for numerous reasons, we suggest that a 30 days from birth, if the account is not billable – it is referred to HRSI to explore the delay.

Out-of-State Medicaid Enrollment & Billing

RevCare employs experienced medical billing specialists that can assist in Out-of-State enrollment and billing for all 50 states.