RevCare professionals are trained to recognize the obscure cases that are frequently overlooked and may not appear to fall under most eligibility guidelines. Our unique expertise enables us to obtain short-term funding solutions and, wherever  appropriate, to secure long-term Medicare conversions for patients. Our health care representatives evaluate many factors other than financial criteria in their decision making process, such as the patient’s mental and physical limitations, gender, are, living conditions, work history and education. All of these factors have a  bearing on revenue recovery services.

We routinely make applications for the following programs:
- Medicaid (all programs)
- Supplemental Security Income
- Social Security Disability Insurance
- Medicare
- Crime Victims Compensation
- Chronically Ill and Disabled Children
- Charity Care
- County Indigent Health Care Programs
- Numerous other state, local and community benefit programs targeting indigent, underinsured or uninsured.